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EOSG’s expertise goes beyond HR. If you find yourself overwhelmed by bookkeeping tasks and lagging behind the times in technology, you may be in need of more assistance from our trusted partnership. Don’t worry, we’ll back you up.

As your company and your team flourish, your administrative responsibilities expand too—in more areas than just HR. Streamline all your accounting and IT needs by partnering with EOSG, where your business will benefit from time-saving strategies, best-in-class technology, and outstanding customer service. Take bookkeeping and IT off your desk so you can turn your attention to innovation, production and growth.


Is ledger management, customer invoicing, or other bookkeeping tasks weighing you down? Outsource your accounting to EOSG and our financial experts will provide customized support and solutions specific to your company’s needs. We can manage your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses, as well as invoicing and payment schedules, vendor management, audit and tax preparation, and more.

IT Management

A growing business means more employees needing more IT support. We’ll help you identify and ensure you have the right technology and systems in place for your team, and provide excellent customer support for your IT needs. From minor disruptions to glaring problems that risk affecting your company’s everyday operations, we’ve got you covered.

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