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When the tiresome tasks of payroll administration distract from the growth potential of your business, it’s time to get by with a little help from your friends at EOSG. Our payroll experts make timely, error-free paychecks seem like a cake walk, and our end-to-end payroll services help you find more time in your workday.

EOSG takes over the responsibility of payroll administration, thereby eliminating a business owner’s burden of payroll processing, tax deposits, delivery, and reporting. Outsourcing payroll and tax administration gives a business immediate freedom from the ever-growing demands of paperwork and compliance issues.

What You Get With EOSG Payroll Services

Dedicated Payroll Professional

Spend less time on payroll so you can focus on running your business.

Worry-free Compliance

Stay on top of tax laws and regulations across all 50 states.


Make sure your employees get paid correctly, efficiently and on time as your business grows.

  • Dedicated payroll representative
  • Employee file setup and record maintenance
  • Complete payroll processing and distribution
  • Check or direct deposit (multiple accounts)
  • Custom reporting, including labor distribution and job costing
  • Certified payroll processing
  • Accrual and tracking of PTO, vacation, and sick leave
  • Responsible for collection and payment of all payroll-related taxes
  • Filing of all quarterly and annual reports, including 940, 941, SUTA, and FUTA
  • Preparation and distribution of W-2 and W-3
  • Payroll deductions and payments, including medical benefits, 401(k), and IRA
  • Processing of all garnishments, liens, child support, and student loans

Payroll administration is a detail-oriented costly element of having employees. Business owners spend nonproductive time processing payroll instead of focusing on their core business.

Payroll Processing

Your company’s payroll processing should (literally) run like clockwork. Our experts specialize in payroll management, which means they can spot irregularities and notice errors before they turn into headaches for your staff. This, in turn, leads to happy employees who get paid accurately and on time, every time. Plus, your employees and their managers will appreciate the ease of accessing paystubs, approving timesheets, and updating payroll information.

Time & Attendance

Is your current time-tracking system archaic and tedious for your employees and their managers?

Streamline your time and attendance tracking with our integrated online system. This automated payroll solution makes it possible to track time worked, scheduling, PTO accrual, clock-ins, and more. As an added benefit, you can collect and analyze payroll data in real-time.

Payroll Reporting

Accessing payroll reports for audits, board meetings, and budget reviews should be a breeze, and it can be when you partner with EOSG. Our payroll experts help you track employee and contractor payments throughout the year so that tax reporting is less laborious. Our payroll technology can automate your W-2s and 1099s, and we offer electronic delivery of W-2 forms. EOSG also ensures that you are in compliance when you send these forms to your people in January.


In addition to managing all of your traditional payroll needs, EOSG also takes cares of processing wage garnishments for your employees each pay period. These court-ordered deductions can include child support, unpaid taxes, defaulted student loans, medical bills, liens, and credit card debt.

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