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Providing a safe workplace for your employees may seem like a no-brainer, but dealing with employer liability issues can be a slippery slope. Trust EOSG to ensure that you’re fully covered in terms of worker’s compensation coverage, safety training, and OSHA compliance. You’re better safe than sorry.

For all businesses, an employee can be not only an asset but also a liability, and quite possibly one of the business’s greatest risks. As a business owner, proactive risk management is essential to reducing employer liability and can also decrease employee lost time and increase employee morale. Companies that provide a safe workplace and reduce the risk to employees are statistically far more profitable.

What You Get With EOSG Compliance Services

Compliance Experts

Keep up with ever-changing employment rules and regulations.

Keeping You Informed

Expert guidance to help you stay on track if difficult or sensitive situations arise.

Mitigating Risk

Industry-specialized compliance experts on employment-related rules and regulations.

Workers’ Compensation Administration
    • Convenient pay-as-you-go premium payment
    • Requires no deposit or audits
    • Workers’ compensation certificate upon request
    • Claims management, reporting, and first report of injury
    • Establishment of relationships with medical facilities
    • Post-incident drug screens
    • Accident investigation and follow-up
    • Monitoring of employee and claims adjuster activities
    • Fraud investigation
    • Assistance in establishing early return-to-work options
Risk Management Administration
    • Written safety program
    • Comprehensive safety manual
    • Professional loss control worksite assessments and evaluations
    • Evaluation of processes, procedures, and employee work habits
    • Identification of potential hazards and/or OSHA violations
    • Development and upkeep of required OSHA documents
    • Safety program development and implementation
    • Drug-free workplace programs available
    • Policy and training materials, development and review

At EOSG we provide comprehensive risk management solutions including workers’ compensation insurance and customized safety programs. Our claims administration takes the burden of workers’ compensation out of your hands. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

Workers' Compensation

The goal, of course, is that proactive risk management will protect your team and safeguard your business. But when it comes to employee injury or illness, EOSG can help you plan for the worst so that you emerge with the best possible outcome. First, we provide access to cost-efficient coverage and advise on the amount of reserves you need for your business. Then, when a worker’s compensation claim is filed, we thoroughly investigate and handle the claim, manage the disbursement of benefits, and offer post-injury support such as return-to-work/modified-duty assistance and drug testing.

Safety Training

Safety first. Our risk management team is here to ensure that your company training program meets government regulations and provides your employees with the appropriate resources to work in a safe and effective setting. EOSG will review and update your existing safety training program, or develop a full program based on your company’s specific needs.

OSHA Compliance

Federal regulations hold business owners accountable for providing a safe workplace for all employees. EOSG can help ease this responsibility by identifying potential hazards and/or OSHA violations, and develop and maintain required OSHA documents. This way, you can provide a work setting that is free from recognized hazards and comply with OSHA standards, while we take care of all the details.

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